Beautiful Blogger Award

It was quite a surprise to find out the Melissa from God has a plan for All of us! nominated myself for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Very flattering indeed!

There are a few things I have to do in order to accept this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated myself: Thank you so much Melissa! Its nice to be appreciated.

2. Post award to my page: Done

3. Tell 7 facts about myself:

a) I love chocolate

b) For the last few months I’ve avoided blogging because my focus has been on my marriage right now and getting it to a place I want it to be

c) Although everyday is a struggle, its gotten much easier in the last 6 months

d) I’m coming to terms with the direction my life has taken, even though it was never what I asked for

e) I am more open to forgiveness

f) I value the support I have found through blogging

g) I am a much stronger person than I thought I was

Nominate 15 other bloggers that I believe deserve some recognition:

Rescuing My Marriage

Living inside the emotional tornado

Eat My Scabs

A Year After the Affair

Being a Beautiful Mess

If Happily Ever After Did Exist

Im In Love with a Serial Cheater

Forgiving for me

Not over it

Now I know that wasnt 15 bloggers…but this is the best I could do. There are lots of bloggers out there that deserve the recognition, but I mainly follow blogs that somehow relate to my own situation. And although, I haven’t listed to many of them, thats probably a good thing. I mean, the less people out there dealing with infidelity the better right?



  1. Scabs says:

    Seriously! wow, thank you so much. That really is nice. and maybe just the kind of boost i need right now. I’ll post and fwd this next week due to a head cold, Thanksgiving and a d-day anniversary week…you understand, right? :)


  2. DJ says:

    Sorry to be a bit late in getting around to this, but thank you so much, Wendy. It means a lot …

    Love & prayers,


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