I know My Worth






“What’s wrong with YOU?!”

This was one of the many questions going thru my mind after finding out about the affair.

Thoughts like, maybe I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough…etc, never crossed my mind.

I know my worth.  And in those dark times, which happen less and less often, I’m pretty sure I’m worth more to him than he’s worth to me


  1. StrongerMe says:

    I became obsessed with her and what she was…and what I wasn’t. I was constantly comparing. I felt like he saw me differently and less than. It’s how I saw myself afterward. Getting stronger, but every once in a while those feelings of “not being good enough” creep back in. STAY STRONG.

  2. shannon says:

    Love this post!

  3. Rae Z says:

    What a great saying! I must copy that for my site.

  4. Melissa says:

    The issue that made me see red was I know my worth and I have allowed him to pick me apart to make excuses for his affair. That’s where the “what’s wrongwith me ” comes into play .

    • Wendy says:

      Melissa – Dont let your thinking go that route. The affair was his choice, not yours. Chances are you had marriage issues (like everyone else) – but he had a choice to come and talk and try to work it out, instead he choose to have an affair. HE is the reason the affair happened, not because of YOU.

  5. Melissa says:

    Wendy , ( my husband is an expat and works internationally)
    he admits to an inappropriate relationship with his coworker but says he never slept with her. The biggest set back is I have not completely caught him . It started when I found out he took an out of town trip with her and lied and said he was with his male friend . I was not as concerned until she started getting catty with me . He had me seeing a therapist because I have trust issues from other relationships . This happened when I took to advise of my therapist and gave him 100%trust . I found out he had been buying tickets for the two of them to go see operas and paying for meals as well .
    I call it an affair because of the lies and deceit in both their parts. I had to investigate to get most of the truth. In addition to this , he started with the text book behavior of finding fault in everything I do and taking any kind of credit away from me from things I know I have done well .
    He has also with help of his work mistress made me out to be a nut job . Of course he told me that is my fault too .
    I am at the point of standing in a forked path tring to decide which one to take. It is hard to leave something you have invested yourself in so completely . But it takes two to make it work . I feel stupid for allowing this all to make me feel so low but I guess I have to find a way through . I am in Vienna Austria with him now his mistress lives in the apartment across the hall .
    There does not seem to be any punishment to fit the crime .

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